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Quality Policy


Dear Partners!

Besides its continuous economical growth, ELA Solutions Kft. counts the conformity to several quality standards of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 norm as one of its key-objectives of being a successful market-competitor.

Therefore we adapt all of our product features, intern procedures and customer services to the quality standards set by ISO, with the prospect of building and preserving long-term customer-loyalty and trust.

Our Team attempts to completely live up to our stakeholders expectations and focuses, besides latest market-trends, especially on fulfilling all individual desires concerning product-quality and services.

Another key-success-factor is preserving long-term partnerships with reliable sub-suppliers, which also ensures the efficiency of our quality-policy.

Supported by our CEOs and Heads of Department our company permanently implements annually formulated targets and updated quality-standards to maintain the overall development of ELA Solutions Kft.

„Quality on Time” – this is what we strive for!