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Cams and latches are mechanical parts commonly used in locks, doors, windows and other similar applications. The manufacturing industry has many different types of cams, consisting of different materials, sizes, shapes and functional mechanisms.

The materials most commonly used in their manufacture are steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper alloys. These materials have excellent corrosion and wear resistance, which plays an important role in the long life and reliability of the cams and locks.

Cams can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes to suit different applications and design requirements.

Overall, a wide range of lock cams is available in the manufacturing industry, consisting of different materials, sizes, shapes and operating mechanisms to meet different application needs and design requirements.

In addition to its catalogue range, ELA Solutions offers several locking latch and cam solutions.


  • injection moulding (plastic and zinc die)
  • press moulding
  • machining
  • milling
  • laser cutting

We manufacture cams up to 6mm in thickness.

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