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Our latest Product Innovation in the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Technology Industry

This innovative Products were especially developed for the needs of our Customers in the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Technology Industry.
Our core target was to achieve a modern, distinctive design, that fulfills all technical expectations at the same time.

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Appealing, modern forms and lines: this design radiates the kind of elegancy, professionality and luxury a real Brand needs for differentitation. The fundaments of a Companies vision and long-term success are Design & Innovation, these products are representing key competitive advantages for Members of the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Technology Industry.


Our products provide innovative solutions for Companies of the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Technology Industry: our main target was to satisfy all needs and expectations investigated during our Marketresearches.

Functionality &

Quality, Functionality, Reliability: our core values are still the same, focus of our product development was to achieve an easy, satisfying usability and an advanced functionality. Design, Functionality, Usability – these core-features are essential for a successful Brand Communication.

25 Years of Experience Unified in one Solution

Our Hinge- & Handle Product Innovation is the result of 25 years of Experience, Know-How and profound Market Insight. Since 25 years ELA has been an important supplier of the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Technology Industry. Thanks to our researches we have successfully recognized the needs and requirements of this industry, now we are ready to demonstrate a high-quality, innovative solution to our Partners.

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