ELA Solutions is celebrating its 25th anniversary

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This year is the 25th anniversary of founding ELA Solutions LTD. We are proud that the team has expanded dramatically during this period and gained valuable experiences as well as great memories. 

Due to the spreading of COVID-19 this year, management decided to celebrate only within a close circle of the team and relive a few moments from the past 25 years. Under normal circumstances, we would have celebrated in a greater fashion. We would have invited our partners, customers, and distributors, but we must be cautious and protect the health of our workers and the people around us. For this, we ask for your understanding, hoping that the 30th anniversary will be celebrated by all of us together. 

Milestones in the life of ELA Solutions

The Future

ELA stands on firm grounds as Nadja joined the management team in 2020, making it a second-generation business. Our long term plan is to have global business cooperations and expand the supply of our products. We wish to keep up with today’s rapid technological developments, seize the opportunities created by these and manage the changes properly within the company. We also pay attention to our community by supporting local organizations, institutions, and establishments. 

Our team

In the 25 years of our existence, we welcomed many great people into the team. We will always be grateful for them and those exceptional colleagues who played a defining role in ELA’s past, present and hopefully future. Without these people’s effort this company and our success would not be as great as it is today. Let us introduce some of them:

Matyas Juracsik on behalf of the Management

‘These 25 years give us an opportunity to look back on all the great and positive things we achieved and on what we learned. With Daniela, our joint vision was to create a corporate culture that relies on core values, serving our community and positively affecting our society.

I believe that we reached this goal. We are also proud to have handed down these values to our children. With ELA solutions LTD, we provided an anchor for them and made sure they can spread their wings and explore their knowledge and skills. A good leader is selfless, just like a good parent. A good leader knows that he or she did not reach success alone, but with everyone, they worked with. Therefore we celebrate our success with:


  • our Colleagues, who help create such values every day by doing their job.
  • Our customers, with which we have improved and grown.
  • Our distributors, whom we can build upon.
  • And our partners, who help us develop further by providing the necessary tools.

We are proud of these 25 years and what we have managed to build. We are again incredibly thankful for our partners for their trust and cooperation.

I would personally like to thank my wife, Daniela, whom I will always be grateful to for what we created. I look back at our past, a past with challenges, happiness and success. I now know that it was all worth it. We can thank ourselves for this, as it is our doing and our triumph.’

The Anniversary Party in Pictures