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Core values determine the right direction.

We provide specialized and standard high-quality products to our Customers, adapted to their requirements.

All eyes on Customer satisfaction
We highly focus on satisfying all upcoming demands and making our Customer's purchase and cooperation experience as comfortable as possible. While our Production Team is always prepared for urgent requests, our R&D Team offers constructive, time and cost-efficient solutions to our Customers.

Our team creates value by working closely together.
Industrial manufacturing is an art that requires the interaction and close cooperation of many people with different qualities. Therefore, ELA pays excellent attention to its team's professional development and individual soft skills. As a result, the ELA Team is a motivating environment where motivation, development and cohesion are a given, and we are very proud of this.

Our strengths are our wide range of expertise, our more than 30 years of experience and our high degree of flexibility. In addition, we know the international market, its players and their needs - and we use this to develop our product range.

How we work

Jurácsik Mátyás

ELA is a family business that bases its objectives and success on a conscious management strategy and a solid set of values. Our values guide our personal and collective development and define who we are and the mark we want to leave on the world.
Our core values include the following:

A commitment to deliver Quality on time with our Customers, Partners and Suppliers, which applies to our products, processes and collaboration,

a committment and Teamwork with all stakeholders to maximise synergies in the cooperation,

Solution-oriented communication and Human-oriented management develop trust and confidence in our products and services while leading to the total commitment of our Employees,

And Transparency which is the driving force behind our win-win attitude towards our Partners and Employees and our long-term cooperation.


Jurácsik Mátyás
Mátyás Jurácsik - CEO

Jurácsik Mátyás

I am Mátyás Jurácsik, CEO of ELA Solutions Ltd. Me and my wife, Daniela, founded ELA in 1995. Since then, we have been proud of our 30 years of experience in this industry, whereby we used to work in Germany and Switzerland in the management of the EMKA Group. Broad know-how and expertise are some of our main competitive advantages. Moreover, we know precisely the market and specific needs of its target groups.

Since 2015 our daughter, Nadja, and her partner, Gábor, are also intensively supporting the future of ELA.

We all stand for conscious management: our targets are clear-defined, and we know how to motivate and inspire our Team to reach those.

Daniela Runge-Jurácsik

I am Daniela Runge-Jurácsik, CEO and co-founder of ELA.

Initially, our company merely focused on trading, managed by my husband and me. However, in 1997 our production started, and since then, we continuously increase our capacity.

We have always dreamed of our own business and location, and I am proud to say that we made these dreams come true.

ELA plays a vital role in our lives; fortunately, our children also highly value this family business. So the future of our company is in good hands.

Mátyás and I, as German-Hungarian leaders, really succeeded in building a people-oriented and structured, target-focused business culture.

Daniela Runge-Jurácsik
Daniela Runge-Jurácsik - CEO