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ELA – Quality on Time


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A missziónk: Stabilitás és folyamatos fejlődés.

We provide specialized and standard high-quality poducts to our Customers, adapted to their personal requirements.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority.
We highly focus on satisfying all upcoming demands and making our Customers purchase and cooperation experience as comfortable as possible: while our Production Team is always prepared for urgent demands, our R&D Team offers constructive, time and cost efficient solutions to our Customers without any special effort of them.

Teamwork and know-how: that’s how we create value.
Knowing and apreciating our Employees efforts, ELA ensures a pleasent, modern and motivating working environment, where work-life-balance plays an important role. We always manage to determine our Employees individual skill-sets and succeed in consistently expand their extensive expertise.

Our compatitive advantage therefore is the ability to create high-quality products on time thanks to our broad know-how, long-term experience and flexibility.

Our Core Values

Jurácsik Mátyás

Every strategy needs a value system as a strong base. We are higly dedicated to our core values, which determine our objectives, our business culture, our decisions and targets.
Following core-values are key-success-and-growth-factors for ELA:

Quality and Trust in our products, services and processes, that determine our long-term relationships with Customers, Partners and Suppliers,

Dedication and intensive Cooperation with all Stakeholders, to ensure optimal synergy of know-how and competences,

Solution-oriented communication and People-oriented management, that develops trust and confidence in our products and services, and also leads to full commitment of our Employees,

And Loyalty, as we always think in long-terms and strive for a win-win solution, that satisfies all parties.


Jurácsik Mátyás
Mátyás Jurácsik - CEO

Jurácsik Mátyás

I am Mátyás Jurácsik, CEO of ELA Solutions Ltd. Me and my wife, Daniela, founded ELA in 1995. Since than we are proud of our 30 years of experience in this industry, whereby we used to work in Germany and Switzerland in the management of the EMKA Group. Broad know-how and expertise are some of our main compatitive advantages. We exactly know the market and specific needs of its target groups.

Since 2015 our daughter, Nadja, and her partner, Gábor, are also intensively supporting the future of ELA.

We all stand for a conscious management: our targets are clear-defined and we now how to motivate and inspire our Team to reach those.

Daniela Runge-Jurácsik

I am Daniela Runge-Jurácsik, CEO and co-founder of ELA.

At the beginning our company merely focused on trading, managed by me and my husband. 1997 our own production started and since then we continuously increase our capacity.

We always dreamed of our own business and our own location, I am proud to be able to say that we made these dreams come true.

ELA plays an important role in our lives and fortunately our children also highly value this family business. Im happy to say that the future of our company is in good hands.

In my opinion Mátyás and I, as German-Hungarian leaders, really suceeded in building a both people-orineted and structured, target-focused business culture.

Daniela Runge-Jurácsik
Daniela Runge-Jurácsik - CEO