Polyamide Hinge Program for the HVAC Industry

This year ELA Solutions launches a new PA hinge, that reflects 25 years of know-how and expertise in this industry.Furthermore the hinge has the advantage, that it can be ordered with a fix or variable base plate.


Appealing, modern forms and lines: this design radiates the kind of elegancy, professionality and luxury a real Brand needs for differentitation. The fundaments of a Companies vision and long-term success are Design & Innovation, these products are representing key competitive advantages for Members of the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Technology Industry.


Our products provide innovative solutions for Companies of the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Technology Industry: our main target was to satisfy all needs and expectations investigated during our market researches.


Quality, Functionality, Reliability: our core values are still the same, focus of our product development was to achieve an easy, satisfying usability and an advanced functionality. Design, Functionality, Usability – these core-features are essential for a successful Brand Communication.

Why is this HVAC Hinge so special?

Versatile Installation Options

Thanks to the variable base plate, the seal preload level can be adjusted in 3 steps. Therefore the air tightness of the cabinet can be increased significantly.

Easy and Quick Assembly

The fix base plate with a preload of 0,5mm has the advantage of being very easily and quickly installed. Above this, it has a mounting aid, so that the hinge always runs parallel to the frame.

Branded with a 3D Logo Sticker

This hinge forms a visible part of your system, therefore it is important to maintain a positive, catchy brand image. The modern design of the hinge combined with your 3D logo sticker is the perfect way to raise brand awareness.

Handle and Lock at once

This hinge can be used as a handle and a lock at once, therefore taking off a component will guaranteed be easy and safe.

Safety takes First Place

This hinge provides a high-level of safety, as in a closed position the locking elements are not accessible. Furthermore the hinge is made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide, which makes it extra stable and durable.

Quality & Trust

Besides its continuous economical growth, ELA Solutions Kft. counts the conformity to several quality standards of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 norm as one of its key-objectives of being a successful market-competitor.
Therefore we adapt all of our product features, intern procedures and customer services to the quality standards set by ISO, with the prospect of building and preserving long-term customer-loyalty and trust.

Can we help you any further?

If you have any other questions concerning projects, business opportunities, our products or developments, we are happy to answer them. You can even set up an Online Meeting with our Sales- or Technical Team.


Our Hinge- & Handle Product Innovation is the result of 25 years of Experience, Know-How and profound Market Insight. Since 25 years ELA has been an important supplier of the Air Conditioning & Ventilation Technology Industry. Thanks to our researches we have successfully recognized the needs and requirements of this industry, now we are ready to demonstrate a high-quality, innovative solution to our Partners.

About ELA Solutions Kft.

ELA Solutions Kft. is a family business that has been producing locking systems and enclosures since 1995. We are operating both on regional and international markets, whereas our core industries are the electro industry, the switch cabinet construction, machine-, vehicle- and fixture construction and the HVAC industry.
The founders, Daniela Runge-Juracsik and Matyas Juracsik, are absolutely experts in this field, as they have more than 30 years of experience and know-how in this business.
Since 2015 their daughter Nadja Runge has been actively taking part in business operations, too.
Together as CEOs they maintain a customer- and human-orineted business culture.

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