Top 6 CNC Machine Brands to chose, when expanding Production Capacity

CNC machines ( Computer Numerical Control) are wildly known across several industries worldwide but mostly in the metal processing industry. Using CNC type of machines versus manual machinery results in more accurate, increased production speeds, fewer faulty products, and cost savings.

It can be expensive for a company to purchase a CNC machine, but if we choose the right product, the investment will be worthwhile in a short period.  

This type of technology first appeared in the 1950s called NC ( Numeric Control) then with the fast spreading of technology, CNC technology emerged. Since then, CNC machinery has spread, but the different companies and brands produce different CNC machines. Whether it is a CNC lathe or CNC mill you are looking for, it is good to know the different brands on the market.  

This article collected six different CNC brands and compared them according to their best attributes, axis types, service, and customer support.

1: DMG Mori

DMG Mori- or previously called Mori Seiki- is a Japanese company that developed into one of the world’s most well-known machine manufacturer brands since its establishment. Their products are capable of serial and custom-made production depending on which machine and programming code we choose. They have 3, 3+1, and 3+2 axis machining centers, but the simultaneous 5-axis version is available too. DMG Mori CNC machines are mainly Siemens operated, however, there are some with FANUC operators as well.

They are present on six continents with 24/7 customer support, and their spare part supply is massive. They even have parts for machines manufactured back in the 1970s. Orders for replacement parts can be placed online or over the phone, and delivery is 24 hours. A 2-year warranty is provided as well.

However, DMG Mori is not only an excellent brand thanks to its fantastic customer service, but the machines are also reliable and accurate.

In case we do not have a budget for a brand new DMG Mori machinery, it’s okay. We can buy a used one or an older version of Mori Seiki with the spare parts in hand within 24 hours; it is still an investment worthwhile.

Hungarian brand representative called  DMG Mori Hungary KFT can be found in Budapest.

2: Mazak

Buying a Mazak machine tool is a great decision. The company is over a century old and is present in several industries worldwide like agriculture, aviation, and of course, metal processing. Mazak manufactures a wide range of products like multi-tasking centers, CNC turning centers, laser processing machines, hybrid machine tools, automation systems and many more. Their programming language called Mazatrol is available on all CNC machine systems and brings versatility and ease of use to the manufacturing production line.

The price of a Mazak is relatively high, but the quality makes up for it. If our budget is lower, then a second hand Mazak can be a great choice as well. Be assured that a Mazak can be easily resold in case of any alteration in production in the future.

The representative of Mazak CNC Tools Machinery in Hungary is Yamazaki Mazak Central Europe s.r.o. They are responsible for sales, service, spare parts, and application engineering.

3: Doosan

Doosan – previously called Daewoo Machine Tools- is also one of the world’s leading CNC machine manufacturers globally. The south-Korean company is well known globally and ranks top six in terms of market share. They are mostly known for being durable and long-lasting in terms of functionality. Their lathes have been specifically developed to increase productivity. Doosan machines are also suitable for serial and custom-made production, and their 3-5-axis machinery is available too, operated by FANUC.

You can have your Doosan machine serviced at Ge-Co Hungary Kft, which also provides customer support and sales in Hungary.


4: Haas

Haas Automation is one of the largest machine tool builder companies in the United States and CNC machine builders in the world. The company is relatively young, as has only been established in the 1980s, but they achieved great success even in this short period of time. They produce vertical and horizontal machining centers, turning centers, 3, 3+1, 3+2 axis, and simultaneous integrated 5-axis machining centers along with many other automated solutions and systems. These are all operated with their in-house developed system Haas. Even though it might not be as cut edge technology as their easter manufacturer peers, Haas makes up for that in reliability, accuracy, and repeatability.

Haas machinery is reasonably expensive but purchasing a second-hand machine is also a good investment. Their customer service is brilliant, manual and video tutorials are easily accessible to download from their website. Luckily spare parts are easy to come by.

In Hungary, you can find Haas Factory Outlet – Hungary Bartec GmbH in Győr. On their website, the prices of the machines are available, which is quite rare in the industry.


STAR CNC was established in 1948 in Japan and is a division of Star Micronics co,.LTD. They are known for being one of the world’s leading Swiss-type turning machine manufacturer. They are present mainly in North-America, Europe, Japan, and Asia. Customer service and spare parts are available 24/7, and delivery is guaranteed within 24-48 hours.

STAR Swiss-type automatic lathes specialize in small, complex precision parts, mainly in the medical, aviation, and metal processing industries. STAR lathes are made of three main parts: Swiss-type turning mill, bar feeder, and FANUC operated driving system.

6: Hanwa

Since its establishment in 1953 under the name of „Shinan bearing“, Hanwha corporation became a leader in industrial machinery manufacturing. They produce industrial furnaces, factory automation systems and machine tools. Their machine tool division developed the Turret type CNC Automatic. Their machines are operated by FANUC.

In Hungary, brand representatives are CNC-Assistance and  Absolut CNC KFT. 

From this article, it is obvious that 90% of the CNC machines are operated with FANUC. In Hungary, you can find FANUC Hungary KFT as a brand representative. 


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